Early Childhood Education

Early childhood education continues to be a quagmire for many children in developing countries. As several studies have shown, well-structured early childhood education positively affects the cognitive abilities personal development in children.  Educationalists and Psychologists all over the world agree that the ability to learn is shaped during the first six years of life, and being deprived of education during this period is tantamount to lifelong learning difficulties. Meanwhile, in many regions of the world today, many children lack of access to basic education due to finances or even worst, societal neglect.  Fully aware of these alarming facts and the importance of preparing young children for enrollment in schools, AHEAD Ministries embarked upon a project that provides free education for all children as well as feeding during school hours. By contributing to free primary education, we are mitigating child hood deprivation, producing higher and sustainable economic growth for individuals, communities, and the countries at large.

⇒Primary education ⇒Teachers training and assessment ⇒Feeding during school hours
⇒Providing educational materials ⇒Encouraging parental involvement ⇒Communities participation
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