With the help of our partners and volunteers we are ensuring that the Great Commission of the Gospel is pervasive in every segment of our operational regions in Africa. The integral point of our efforts is to prioritize urban and aboriginal evangelism as a fundamental responsibility, an effort that is geared towards touching the lives of many as we spread the good news of Jesus Christ to all the inhabitants of the world. In fulfillment of this cause, we cross the boundaries of  inaccessibility and permeate the barriers in places that are unreachable or left abandoned. We are passionate about this role because one quarter of the nearly one billion people in Africa have never heard of the Gospel of Jesus Christ or had the Christian Gospel demonstrated to them. Sadly, this un-reached population is still predominantly animist and traditionalist, and most people are strongly attached to deep-rooted and institutionalized secret societies. Thus, our mission is quite simple. To relentlessly pursue the lost with deliberate speed until ALL peoples have heard the Gospel of Christ.


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