Healthcare and Medical

For over a decade, Ahead Ministries has continued to impact the healthcare delivery systems of our communities in tremendous ways. Our holistic involvement with vulnerable communities integrates healthcare as a fundamental component, not only because may people die from numerous preventable and curable diseases daily, but more importantly because our evangelical purpose cannot meet its full fulfillment, when the people we seek to proselytize are left to die of diseases that are curable; it compromises our true purpose and core values. Consequently, we, with the help of our benevolent donors, volunteers, and sympathizers, have worked with numerous communities, established efficient medical institutions in numerous catchment areas, reached beyond the unreachable, and touched the lives of every facet of the age spectrum, with the sole intent of winning people unto salvation.

⇒ In-patients & out-patients’ services ⇒ Rural Health posts & mobile clinics ⇒ Community health education
⇒ Medical outreach ⇒ Immunization campaigns ⇒ Medical & sanitary supplies


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