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God has given Ahead International a ministry which could save Liberia from many of the tragic consequences of its 16 years of one of the most barbaric and brutal civil wars ever fought in history; and we need your prayer and financial support as we move forward.


For fourteen years, it seemed as though evil forces had completely taken over this country and thousands of innocent Liberians spent weeks and months in the tropical forests and jungle hiding from their fellow Liberians who were searching the jungle and forests to kill them like hunters hunt for animals. Thousands of Liberians were most brutally killed in the presence of friends and relatives who were forbidden to shed tears at the threat of death, thus leaving them profoundly traumatized and emotionally wounded. Over 250,000 Liberians, most of whom were innocent civilians, were killed in the war.


The civil war set individuals against individuals and tribes against tribes. Yet after the war, thousands of Liberians live in the city of Monrovia side by side in the same neighborhoods with their former tormentors during the war and with the killers of their friends and relatives.


Ahead International is working in Liberia to evangelize un-reached people by proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ and planting healthy churches throughout the nation while at the same time advancing subjects of reconciliation and socio-economic empowerment. These efforts are rapidly transforming lives and turning hearts to the love of Christ, the ultimate source of lasting peace.


I have written you this brief ministry profile as a brief introduction to our ministry. It is my prayer that you be moved by the spirit of God, to join us in this triumphant march forward with the ministries of AHEAD in Liberia.


God bless you.


Oscar L. James

President/ C.E.O



Ahead International is a mission organization committed to training West African indigenous missionaries, enabling them to plant churches, provide education, and help develop urban and rural communities. Ahead International is also committed to training Christian businessmen and women to support the ministries of the church.


"With labor and hardship we kept working night and day so that we would not be a burden to any of you."

II Thessalonians 3:8b



The purpose of Ahead International Ministries to promote the economic self-sufficiency of the third-world church, so that third-world nations can be evangelized by indigenous Christians and the third-world church can become a missionary sending agency.


  • Create Christcentered, self-sustainable communities and plant churches to address the spiritual and vocational needs of indigenous African people.
  • Minister God's love in the third world countries that otherwise will have no or very limited access to the gospel of Christ.
  • Honor, glorify and delight in the lord by knowing God and making Him known.

  • Preach/Teach a holistic gospel crossculturally to un-reached people through evangelism, follow-up, discipleship, indigenous church-planting and social- economic empowerment.


A Holistic Ministry


Incarnational -- Our missionaries live in the communities where they minister.

Evangelical -- We present Christ to the un-churched through Bible studies, outreach, teaching and worship services.

Discipleship -- We nurture people to maturity in Christ and train them to teach others.

Compassionate -- We demonstrate the gospel we declare by providing

  • Education

  • Emergency food, clothing, medicine and shelter

  • Skills and training

  • Medical and dental clinics

  • Others

Empowerment--We seek to improve the socio-economic status of believers in poor communities so that they can use their blessings to help expand the kingdom of Christ.



Ahead International expects, with God's help, to accomplish this mission by preaching the gospel to third-world nations and then helping indigenous Christians to develop businesses and other self supporting vehicles to help sustain themselves and their ministries. This strategy will facilitate evangelism in two ways: (1) The profits of the new businesses will be used to support the mission of the third world church, and (2) evangelists.

The development of businesses which will provide this kind of support for the church's mission will be achieved through two means. First, deploy Owner/Trainers in third-world countries. Owner/Trainers will be committed Christians with a proven ability to develop and run businesses. Ahead International will provide start-up funding and assistance in securing loans. After that, the businesses must succeed as profit-making enterprises. Owner/Trainers will help employees acquire needed skills, as well as modeling effective business practices, Christian discipleship, and the contribution of tithes of corporate profits to the church. Employees will be expected in due time to set up their own businesses, using the principles modeled for them by the Owner/Trainers.

Second, Ahead International intends to establish a Missionary Institute of Technology in each third-world country in which the ministry is active. The curriculum of the Missionary Institute of Technology will include three required components: Theological education, evangelism training and training in a trade or profession. The intent is to produce graduates who will have strong skills in evangelism backed with practical survival skills in business, and the capacity to bring theological depth and integrity to both. Graduates will be expected to be self-supporting evangelists or to start businesses whose tithes of profits will be used for the church's mission.


We Believe


  • There is One Sovereign, Triune God --- eternally existing as Father, Son and Holy Spirit --- Who is unique in grace, transcendent in holiness, absolute in justice, abounding in mercy, unparalleled in love and eternal in His faithfulness. 

  • The Holy Bible is the inspired, infallible/inerrant, authoritatively directive Word of God for all people.

  • Redeemed believers in Christ are called, commissioned and gifted by Him, through the anointing of the Holy Spirit, to go into the whole world and live out, preach and teach His Gospel of Love, Light and Liberty to every person.  (Add here: Luke 4:18-19; John 17:18)

  • As disciples of Jesus, the Christ, we are mandated by God's Word to exemplify the unconditional love of God to all persons in the world.  If we do not possess and express this all-embracing ---agape --- love of God, we have no right to call ourselves Christians.  (Add John 15:17). 

  • The disciples/ambassadors of Christ are chosen by Him to demonstrate a lifestyle of Godly reconciliation, stewardship, and servant hood in all aspects of life as we reach up to Him and reach out to the people around us. (John 13 and 15; Matthew 25:31-46; Philippians 2: 3-13; 2 Corinthians 5:16-21).

  • The holiness of God must be evident in the thinking, speaking and doing of those who call themselves Christians. (Romans 12:1-2; Leviticus 20:7; Matthew 5:20) 

  • Jesus, the unique Son of God will, one day, return to this earth to judge both the living and the dead.


We Believe In


  • The All-Sufficiency of the Triune God Who is Omniscient, Omnipotent and Omnipresent.(Genesis 1; 2; Exodus, Psalms, Entire New Testament)

  • The Deity of Christ

  • The absolute necessity for individual regeneration by the Holy Spirit for personal salvation, because of the exceeding sinfulness of the human heart and mind and that all people are justified/redeemed only on the ground of faith in the shed blood of Jesus, the Christ --- because it is only by God's grace, through faith that anyone can be saved from the wiles of Satan and the sinful tyranny of evil. 

  • The final resurrection of the saved and the lost --- at the end of time --- both those who will inherit eternal life with God and those who will go into eternal damnation with Satan. 

  • The spiritual unity and love of believers in our Lord Jesus Christ  (Add -- : Philippians 2:2; John 17:20-23) 

  • The unceasing, teaching ministry of the Holy Spirit Who "Leads us into all truth" and by Whose indwelling, Christian believers are enabled to live a life that is pleasing to God. (Add-John 14:16-17; 15:5-17.)

  • The imperative need for Christian disciples, everywhere, to seek to put the Kingdom-work for and with God at the center  of their priorities, remembering that we can do nothing without Him.(John 15:1-11)     




The vision for the founding of Ahead International came out of three intense passions that the Lord gave its' founder, Gus Marwieh. In his latter years, Gus selected, discipled and instilled these passions into his son-in-law Mr. Oscar James, who now leads the ministry. These passions drive the life the ministry.

The Three Passions


1. Preach the good news…

2. Tend to the flock...

3. Teach them to fish…

Passion Number one: Bring the good news to all

The first passion which drives the ministry comes from the thought that if the Christians did not get the Gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to rural Africans before they die, they would go into Christ-less judgment to suffer more wretchedly in perpetual agony after suffering so bitterly and wretchedly in this life.

Passion Number Two: Be a good Shepard… tend to the flock

The unnerving fact that less than 10% of the population of the cities in West Africa is churched. This confirms that the mission field has moved from the hinterland to the cities.

Passion Number Three: Teach them to fish...

Over 95% of all businesses in Liberia were in the hands of foreigners, most of whom were Muslims and Middle Eastern Catholics. While the Muslims and Hindus were sending hundreds of millions of dollars to their countries, most Liberian Christians seem content sitting down and looking to the West for support to ministries in their own country. Thus we are committed to helping Christians take control of their own socio-economic destiny by becoming worthy contributors to society.




It is a fact that the only nation in Africa and perhaps in the whole world which was directly founded by Americans is Liberia. The last white American who ruled Liberia was Governor Thomas Buchanan, a cousin to President James Buchanan. The first President of Liberia, Joseph Jenkins Roberts, a successful businessman, was from Norfolk, Virginia. Roberts, a free man with white father and an African American mother migrated from Norfolk, Virginia, to Liberia.

The first immigrants who settled in Liberia 1822 were mostly from New York, and their first settlement was called Christopolis, which was later changed to Monrovia. The second immigrants to settle on the seacoast of Liberia were mainly from Pennsylvania, and their first settlement was called Buchanan, including Lower Buchanan and Upper Buchanan, named after Governor Thomas Buchanan. The third immigrants to settle along the coast were mainly from Mississippi, but some were from Louisiana and Kentucky. Their area was called "Mississippi in Africa," which had three settlements: Greenville, Lexington, and Louisiana. But "Mississippi in Africa" was later changed to Sinoe. The fourth immigrants to settle on the coast east of "Mississippi in Africa" were from the state of Maryland, and that region is called Maryland to this day.

Liberia is a replica of America. The Independence Day of Liberia is in July and the Flag Day is in August. If one removes 49 of the stars from the US Flag and the flag is set side by side with the Liberian Flag, it would be impossible for anyone to tell the difference between the two because there would be no difference. The Liberian Constitution is like the US Constitution with the form of government like that of the United States. In fact, the Liberian Constitution was written by two Harvard University professors, one of whom was Professor Simon Greenfield.

Liberia was mainly founded to be a Christian colony to spread the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ among the African people. Liberia through the famous evangelist, Prophet Harris, spread the Gospel of our Lord throughout West Africa. A Nigerian Evangelist, during a crusade he had in Liberia, said that the first person to introduce Christianity in Nigeria was a Liberian. Before the Liberian Civil War in 1989, everyday from the shore of Liberia, the Gospel of Christ was preached throughout Africa through the famous Christian radio station, ELWA (Eternal Love Winning Africa), operated by SIM (Society for International Mission).


Liberia was also founded to fight the slave trade on the West Coast of Africa; and it successfully fought it and ended it. Even before the end of the slave trade in West Africa, Liberia was greatly praised in the book Africa Redeemed published in 1851. In it, the author wrote:


"Engaged in a work of unsurpassed dignity and importance, the inhabitants of this small Republic are accomplishing more good, as I must believe, than any equal number of human beings on the face of the globe. More, perhaps, than to the united endeavors of all Christian nations, with their treaties and armed squadrons against the slave-trade, is humanity indebted for its suppression along many hundred miles of the African coast, to the people of Liberia."

Liberia was called America's African Friend by a great American writer, Earl Anderson. If any nation declared war on America, that nation automatically declared war on Liberia; and the US Government had the right to recruit Liberians in America to fight for the defense of the United States. In the League of Nations, Liberia was one of America's closest allies. During World War II, Liberia provided practically all the rubber which America used. Liberia also provided a base in Africa from which America fought the war. In the United Nations, Liberia always voted with the United States. Before 1980, the national currency of Liberia was the US dollar and cents.

The American Colonization Society (ACS)  Founded Liberia. To spread the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ…

The American Colonization Society (ACS)  Founded Liberia. To spread the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ…

To many Africans traveling to Liberia was to them like traveling to the United States. Liberia was the big brother of all colonies on the continent. Liberia gave passports to Africans who needed to travel to western countries when the colonial governors denied passports. Liberia gave financial support to many of the African leaders who fought for the freedom of their countries from colonial rule. All the former colonies of Africa that gained their independence looked to Liberia for guidance. But tragically, a civil war, which has been fought for over 16 years, brought Liberia to its knees. It killed more than 10% of the nation's population and has sent hundreds of thousands into exile.

It is the Americans who have brought Liberia into being, including great American statesmen like Henry Clay, who was Speaker of the US House of Representatives; Francis Scott Key, author of the US National Anthem; Daniel Webster, the great American statesman and famous orator; Bushrod Washington, Nephew of President George Washington; John Mills, one of the founders of the American Bible Society; Robert Finley, a Presbyterian Minister; President James Monroe, after whom the Capital of Liberia was named; and many other prominent American statesmen, who founded in 1817 the American Colonization Society, the organization which gave birth to Liberia.

Ahead International now offers an opportunity for Christian America to rally together to play a leading role in the evangelization of Liberia and in restoring peace, economic, social, and political stability to the nation. AHEAD therefore appeals to Christian churches and organizations of America to rally together to pray for Liberia and help rescue the country from sinking any deeper. Ahead International also calls upon mission agencies that had ministries in Liberia before the civil war to launch a campaign of calling upon their supporting churches and individuals to pray more passionately for Liberia.

Refugee Camp

The lord saw the plight of displaced refugees in Ghana, several years ago and invited Ahead International to join in His work there. Among the poor and destitute, Ahead International went on to establish A training institute, primary education system, feeding program, adult literacy program and a micro loan program.

AHEAD Training Institute. A program committed to the training of adults. It provides higher learning in theology, accounting, bookkeeping, agriculture, building construction, business management, community health, and tie-dye and batik. This widely successful program won praises and recognition from the Ghana education service, the University of Winneba, the Liberian government and the United Nations High Commission on Refugees (UNHCR). Over 1200 Liberians graduated from the AHEAD training institute.

AHEAD consolidated school system. Eight private elementary schools with a student population of 2,500 in grades 1 through 6 were established with students being taught by 92 highly-qualified professionals. Young children, once destined to sit idly wasting around the refugee camp, were given a fresh chance of being educated to lead productive lives.

Child feeding and evangelism program. There are many, many children in the camp who don't have any parents, or have only one parent or an extended family member. Using funds provided by partners in the US, AHEAD provided daily feeding for approximately 300 orphan children living in the Buduburam refugee camp.

Adult literacy program. Consistent with an adult literacy of less than 40 percent in Liberia, many adults in the refugee camp were found to be illiterate. Educating them so that they can further their learning of the Gospel was a basic need. The adult education program started with six teachers and a population of also learned the fundamentals on how to acquire income generating skills as a component of their complete training on evangelizing nationals and prepare them for repatriation to Liberia.

Micro-business loan program. To assist well deserving candidates who successfully complete a round of training to get a "hand-up", Ahead provided start-up funding and assistance in securing loans. After that, the businesses must succeed as profit-making enterprises. Owner/trainers helped employees acquire needed skills, as well as modeling effective business practices, Christian discipleship, and the contribution of tithes of corporate profits to the church.



Building on practical experience gained while in exile on the refugee camp, Ahead seized the opportunity to move it's operation to Liberia in 2003 as the war civil war began to wean. Hence activities in Ghana were scaled back gradually while the Liberia programs were brought on line simultaneously.

A multi-faceted approach to evangelism is underway. Liberians are responding to the love of Jesus through media presentations, street teaching, church planting, and shepherding communities to share the good news of Jesus Christ.

Church Planting


Prior to the Liberian Civil war, Monrovia, the capital of Liberia, was 425,000. Today, it is estimated to be 1.4 million people as a result of mass influx of people from the rural parts of the nation. People fled from every city, town, and village to the capital creating a huge mission field right in the city. Instead of thousands of us Christians going to their cities, towns, and villages to win them and others to Christ, the lord used the civil war to bring hundreds of thousands of Liberians from all over the country to Monrovia for us to win them to Christ, disciple them, and send them back so they can evangelize their own cities and communities throughout the country. This is the mission of New Life Bible Church (NLBC).


NLBC is a rapidly becoming a network of churches in the nation deliberately and methodically planted to do holistic evangelism through out the nation. The church began several months ago as individual cell groups called prayer and bible study fellowships under the direct spiritual leadership of Dr. Marwieh.


NLBC has begun regular weekly services on Sundays. The first group began their meetings at a local community center for regular worship services with approximately 120 attendees from nearby cells and the community. Arranges are also underway for worship additional halls in other key areas of the city. The goal it to continue the plan for rigorous expansion of the prayer and bible study fellowships throughout Monrovia while at the same time establishing regular houses of worship as the need arises. The plan is working remarkably as reports show an increase in membership of about 114% with over 112 baptisms and profession of faith within the first six months of implementation.



NLBC also conducts a regular baptism services. Thirty five to fifty persons are baptized every two weeks. Presently, the city of Monrovia is divided into zones and New Life Bible Church has thirteen coordinators who are responsible for evangelism with these zones.


Ministry of Hope TV Ministry

Ahead has plans to launch of a nationwide television program in Liberia that will reach some of the remotest parts of the nation with the word of God. Preliminary plans have been drawn up and arrangements are underway for the successful launch of this program

Pastors and Leadership Training

True to our commitment to development of the Christian faith in that nation of Liberia, Ahead conducts regular weeklong seminars for local church



A year-round shipping container program has been established to bring relief and needed supplies to the children of Liberia. In addition, a comprehensive food and healthcare supplies distribution program is being implemented for the neediest. 

Caring for the Orphans

Ahead partners with existing orphanages and children ministries in Liberia to help bring much needed assistance and relief to children made orphans as a result of the war.

Food Delivery

Regular shipments of container loads of food and other donated goods are brought in and distributed to children in displaced camps and other areas.

Holiday Toys

Nothing melts the heart like the smile on a child's face. Especially at Christmas! This is why Ahead through it's' "From The Heart" program conducts annual toy drives each year and deliver them to various hospitals, orphanages, and shut in children each year. We are also planning an annual children holiday carnival in Liberia to provide safe Christian fun and love for the needy children. This will be the first of the kind ever to be held in the history of the nation.

The Agro-Tech Community

The 16-year civil war forced millions of Liberians into cities for protection and relief. Ahead is addressing this problem by building Agro-Tech Communities in rural Liberia to attract the many city transients back to their rural homes. The Agro-Tech Community is a Christian self-sustaining community providing a medical, educational, business, athletic, and agricultural economic base for Liberians to re-build their country and their lives. As this model becomes a reality, hope for a prosperous Liberia is rekindled.


Our micro loan program provides small loans to people, primarily Christians, who have demonstrated the ability to run a successful micro business of their own. They are required to payback the loan with very low interest according to a schedule. All proceeds from the loans are used to re-invest into new loans.

"I thank God for Ahead. Now I have my own table market and I am able to support my children. This has been my dream for many years. May God bless you"

        Martha Sengbe

Small Business

As a means of demonstration, Ahead is setting up two businesses in Liberia to help generate revenue for the furtherance of the ministry.

Sewing School

Ahead operates a  sewing school and dress making shop where women, mostly war widows, will learn the art of dress making. After training, a select few of these women will operate a dress making boutique selling garments to the public. Proceeds generated from this venture will go directly into continuation of the ministry efforts in the country. 

Negotiations have been concluded for a location and sewing machines have been procured. Please pray that renovation and setup will be accomplished as planned. The circle of training continues and graduate will are given a kit for beginning their own sewing business. Each kit contains the basics such as a sewing machine, tools, materials and $50.00 US dollars. 

Car Wash

A car wash is being opened in December of 2007 for the men of the New Life Bible Church to operate. The location has been secured and most supplies have been purchased. Like the sewing program, all proceeds will be used for the advancement of the ministry in Liberia.

Water Store

Ahead has a plan to launch a water store providing clean, safe, filtered drinking water to the public at a fraction of the cost others are charging. This program will be an important lifeline for communities while at the same time, providing a source of revenue for our evangelism efforts in their respective communities.  

The stores will be setup similar to the ones here in the US but will seek every opportunity to incorporate the teachings of the scriptures in the delivery of the product. For example, we plan to print scriptures on 5 gallon bottles, give out water to schools and orphanages among others. Current dialogues are underway for the procurement of the necessary equipments and supplies for this project.

Well Digging

Across the nation, Ahead has begun digging wells to provide clean sanitary drinking water for residents. These programs are provided free of charge to the users and are done regardless of religious affiliation. However, we have found that meeting such tangible needs of people provides a natural opportunity for the teaching of the gospel. So we grab ever opportunity.


Ahead currently operates a village school in Whomgbay, Bong county- Liberia. This is a village that was completely destroyed by the civil war. Most adults were killed by horrific gun fights by rebel factions leaving a large population of kids to fend for themselves. Ahead responded by building a school for the children and providing them with meals daily. 

The school's primary goal is to teach young children to read and write with a mission of each child being able to read and understand the bible for themselves.  In it's third year, we are very encouraged by the progress of the young children as they are well on their way to accomplishing their goals. Current enrollment is a little over 300.

For most of these children, this was their first encounter with the love of Christ and we are thankful that their experience is a positive one.


Cynthia Nelson Clinics

The first of several planned medical facilities is being setup in Liberia as part of Ahead's healthcare ministry. This clinic is poised to be a major life changing resource for over 150,000 (one hundred fifty thousand) residents of a slum area of Liberia that otherwise have no access to any form of healthcare.

Many physical conditions will be helped through love and compassion. When a baby is delivered safely with the help of a midwife, or an infected tooth is extracted, adverted, a broken leg is set, the word of our Lord and Master Jesus comes alive in a real way.  This is why Ahead had setup a nine room medical facility where no one dared to do it.  This time, it is the crime ridden slums of Logan Town outside of Monrovia!

Additionally the clinic will serve as a forerunner in the diagnosis of HIV/AIDS in the country. Very little is known about the impact of this disease in Liberia due to the lack of data. The country, having recently come out of a brutal civil war, have very little data on this disease hence, little is being done to address the problem. Ahead seeks to help provide such data and education in the communities that we serve.

Village Medical Outreach

A healthcare mobile van is being deployed to reach remote villages bringing health education and minor medical care. Many villages in Liberia lack accesses to basic healthcare. Additionally, many openly refuse to get help because of animist orientation. The mandate of the mobile unit is to Evangelize, Educate, and Bless all.



Oscar L. James 
President/Executive Director

Oscar's own journey and major events of his from Liberia to the United States and back to Liberia, were all part of God's careful design for his life.  His word says, "For I know the plans I have for you," declared the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."  (Jer. 29:11)

In August of 1988, by a miracle of God, Oscar left Liberia for the United States, barely two months before the notorious warlord, Charles Taylor, unleashed a period of tyranny on the nation.  He was the only member of my family spared the brutality of the war.  He lost both of his parents, a sister and a nephew to the war while the rest of his siblings wandered in displaced camps for several years.

While here in the U.S., the lord blessed him with a college education and he went on to received my Masters of Business Administration. He held several high paying jobs and was comfortably on his way towards building his version of the American Dream.   He had met Sophie, Bishop Gus's second daughter, and we were married in August of 1995.  Together, they are blessed with two precious sons, Leighton (9) and Miles (6).

Corporate America proved to be a blessing to his family but the Lord reminded him continually about the miracle of him being spared the trials of war in Liberia.  He openly admits that he always knew God had another plan for his life.  Psalm 37 says that the Lord delights in the way of the man whose steps he has made firm. His steps led him to trade in my job for the cause of the cross.

In 2001, having been loosely affiliated with Ahead Ministry for several years, Gus Marwieh, his mentor and father-in-law, extended an invitation for him to join the Ahead ministry board.  After 5 years of service in various capacities, he assumed the role as the ministry's President and continued glean nuggets of wisdom from key ministry figures as he did from the Bishop.

On Saturday, July 28, 2007, the journey took on a new dimension. Dr. Marwieh, the founder of the ministry went to be with the lord. Like Elijah before Elisha, the mantle was passed on from Gus to Oscar and thus began a new turn in Oscar's ministry.


Rev. Elwood Jangaba 
National/ Field Director - Liberia

Rev. Elwood and his wife Yatta are great servants of the lord who gave up all that they had in the United States of America in obedience to God's will for their lives.

Rev. Jangaba discovered a call on his life to leave his job and church in Sacramento, California and relocate to Liberia and work with the un-reached people there. The lord brought him to Ahead where he had been serving in various capacities until his recent appointment as National Director. Elwood spent several months under the direct schooling of the late Dr. Marwieh and other leaders of Ahead and is now poised to carry out this all-important task of leadership in the country. Elwood is a devout, believer with a rare passion for winning souls to the lord.


Dr. Dalineta Victoria Hines
Mr. Oscar James, President 
Mr. Jeffrey Wurtz
Mr. Frank Sumner
Mr. David Ickert
Pastor, Sean Blomquist
Mr. Kee Hwang
Mr. Dirk Allman
Mr. Karl Ryan 
Mrs. Joan Whitehead
Mr. Thomas Lee
Mr. Fred Tse


Pastor John Christie, Crosswalk Community Church
Baker & Cindy Cleveland
Mr. Ron Foster
Mr. Guillermo De La Torre


"One short-term mission opportunity will change you and the lives of others forever..." ~Oscar James, President - Ahead

Ahead leads several missions outreach trips to Liberia each year. The typical outreach trip last anywhere from two weeks to six months. Ahead Ministries offers possibilities for individuals and groups to experience first hand the transforming powers of the Lord Jesus Christ by ministering to others. Some of these opportunities include:

  • Evangelism 
  • Church Planting 
  • Arts 
  • Medical/Healthcare 
  • Intercession 
  • Compassion 
  • Education/Teaching 
  • Skill Training 
  • Agriculture 
  • Appropriate technology


Thank you for taking the time to review this brief overview of the work of Ahead International. As I stated in the opening, I firmly believe that God has given Ahead International a ministry that could save Liberia from many of the tragic consequences of a barbaric and brutal civil war it suffered for 16 years; but we need your prayer and financial support to move forward.

I ask now for the opportunity to meet with you personally or in a group, to share my own testimony more fully and provide additional information about the lord's work in West Africa. Please feel free to contact me directly at 408-644-1023 or via email at if you have questions. May Jehovah God richly bless you and grant you favor.