Director's Letter

God has given Ahead International a ministry which could save Liberia from many of the tragic consequences of its 16 years of one of the most barbaric and brutal civil wars ever fought in history; and we need your prayer and financial support as we move forward.


For fourteen years, it seemed as though evil forces had completely taken over this country and thousands of innocent Liberians spent weeks and months in the tropical forests and jungle hiding from their fellow Liberians who were searching the jungle and forests to kill them like hunters hunt for animals. Thousands of Liberians were most brutally killed in the presence of friends and relatives who were forbidden to shed tears at the threat of death, thus leaving them profoundly traumatized and emotionally wounded. Over 250,000 Liberians, most of whom were innocent civilians, were killed in the war.


The civil war set individuals against individuals and tribes against tribes. Yet after the war, thousands of Liberians live in the city of Monrovia side by side in the same neighborhoods with their former tormentors during the war and with the killers of their friends and relatives.

Ahead International is working in Liberia to evangelize un-reached people by proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ and planting healthy churches throughout the nation while at the same time advancing subjects of reconciliation and socio-economic empowerment. These efforts are rapidly transforming lives and turning hearts to the love of Christ, the ultimate source of lasting peace.


I have written you this brief ministry profile as a brief introduction to our ministry. It is my prayer that you be moved by the spirit of God, to join us in this triumphant march forward with the ministries of AHEAD in Liberia.


God bless you.


Oscar L. James

President/ C.E.O

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