Bishop Dr. Augustus B. Marwieh

ArchBishop Marwieh of Liberia was truly one of the world's outstanding citizens and visionaries.  His story is the Horatio Alger story of Liberia and Africa.  He was highly educated and highly respected by the government and the peoples of Liberia and throughout African and the United States.  He served in many official and ex officio capacities for his country it’s government, the church, and the people of Liberia and Africa.  He was also recognized extensively throughout the United States as an ambassador of goodwill between the people of Africa and the people of the United States.


Born on April 30, 1928 in a cassava field in a native village while his mother was digging for cassava, ArchBishop Marwieh rose from modest beginnings to sit on some of the highest councils in the world.  A native Liberian, he entered school in 1943, when he was fifteen years old.  Ten years later he graduated from both the University Laboratory High School of the University of Liberia as valedictorian and from the B.J.K Anderson School of Business and Commerce with high honors.

In 1954 ArchBishop Marwieh went to the United States, where he studied at the University of California (Berkeley); Bay Cities Bible Institute (Oakland); Simpson Bible College (San Francisco);

Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary (Mill Valley); and Fuller Theological Seminary (Pasadena), ArchBishop Marwieh also studied at the School of Pastoral Care of the North Carolina Baptist Hospital and the Bowman Gray School of Medicine in Winston Salem, North Carolina.  He attended the Summer Institute of Linguistics at the University of Oklahoma, Norman, Oklahoma  where during three summers he translated his native language to writing.  The ArchBishop received a Bachelor’s Degree in theology (1958) and a Masters in religious education (1960) and later went on to receive a Doctorate (PhD) in missology from the Reformed Theological Seminary, Jackson MS.


In November, 1960, ArchBishop Marwieh was ordained by the Progressive Baptist Church a member of the National Baptist Convention of America.


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