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God has given Ahead International a ministry which could save Liberia from many of the tragic consequences of its 16 years of one of the most barbaric and brutal civil wars ever fought in history; and we need your prayer and financial support as we move forward.


For fourteen years, it seemed as though evil forces had completely taken over this country and thousands of innocent Liberians spent weeks and months in the tropical forests and jungle hiding from their fellow Liberians who were searching the jungle and forests to kill them like hunters hunt for animals. Thousands of Liberians were most brutally killed in the presence of friends and relatives who were forbidden to shed tears at the threat of death, thus leaving them profoundly traumatized and emotionally wounded. Over 250,000 Liberians, most of whom were innocent civilians, were killed in the war.

The civil war set individuals against individuals and tribes against tribes. Yet after the war, thousands of Liberians live in the city of Monrovia side by side in the same neighborhoods with their former tormentors during the war and with the killers of their friends and relatives.

Ahead International is working in Liberia to evangelize un-reached people by proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ and planting healthy churches throughout the nation while at the same time advancing subjects of reconciliation and socio-economic empowerment. These efforts are rapidly transforming lives and turning hearts to the love of Christ, the ultimate source of lasting peace.


Education & Training


Ahead currently operates a village school in Whomgbay, Bong county- Liberia. This is a village that was completely destroyed by the civil war. Most adults were killed by horrific gun fights by rebel factions leaving a large population of kids to fend for themselves. Ahead responded by building a school for the children and providing them with meals daily. 

The school's primary goal is to teach young children to read and write with a mission of each child being able to read and understand the bible for themselves.  In it's third year, we are very encouraged by the progress of the young children as they are well on their way to accomplishing their goals. Current enrollment is a little over 300.

For most of these children, this was their first encounter with the love of Christ and we are thankful that their experience is a positive one.

The Agro-Tech Community

The 16-year civil war forced millions of Liberians into cities for protection and relief. Ahead is addressing this problem by building Agro-Tech Communities in rural Liberia to attract the many city transients back to their rural homes. The Agro-Tech

Community is a Christian self-sustaining community providing a medical, educational, business, athletic, and agricultural economic base for Liberians to re-build their country and their lives. As this model becomes a reality, hope for a prosperous Liberia is rekindled.

Sewing School

Ahead operates a  sewing school and dress making shop where women, mostly war widows, will learn the art of dress making. After training, a select few of these women will operate a dress making boutique selling garments to the public. Proceeds generated from this venture will go directly into continuation of the ministry efforts in the country. 

Negotiations have been concluded for a location and sewing machines have been procured. Please pray that renovation and setup will be accomplished as planned. The circle of training continues and graduate will are given a kit for beginning their own sewing business. Each kit contains the basics such as a sewing machine, tools, materials and $50.00 US dollars. 


Health & Medical

Cynthia Nelson Clinics

The first of several planned medical facilities is being setup in Liberia as part of Ahead's healthcare ministry. This clinic is poised to be a major life changing resource for over 150,000 (one hundred fifty thousand) residents of a slum area of Liberia that otherwise have no access to any form of healthcare.

Many physical conditions will be helped through love and compassion. When a baby is delivered safely with the help of a midwife, or an infected tooth is extracted, adverted, a broken leg is set, the word of our Lord and Master Jesus comes alive in a real way.  This is why Ahead had setup a nine room medical facility where no one dared to do it.  This time, it is the crime ridden slums of Logan Town outside of Monrovia!

Additionally the clinic will serve as a forerunner in the diagnosis of HIV/AIDS in the country. Very little is known about the impact of this disease in Liberia due to the lack of data. The country, having recently come out of a brutal civil war, have very little data on this disease hence, little is being done to address the problem. Ahead seeks to help provide such data and education in the communities that we serve.

Village Medical Outreach

A healthcare mobile van is being deployed to reach remote villages bringing health education and minor medical care. Many villages in Liberia lack accesses to basic healthcare. Additionally, many openly refuse to get help because of animist orientation. The mandate of the mobile unit is to Evangelize, Educate, and Bless all.


Other Programs & Services


Our micro loan program provides small loans to people, primarily Christians, who have demonstrated the ability to run a successful micro business of their own. They are required to payback the loan with very low interest according to a schedule. All proceeds from the loans are used to re-invest into new loans.

"I thank God for Ahead. Now I have my own table market and I am able to support my children. This has been my dream for many years. May God bless you"..... Martha Sengbe

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