Why Liberia

It is a fact that the only nation in Africa and perhaps in the whole world which was directly founded by Americans is Liberia. The last white American who ruled Liberia was Governor Thomas Buchanan, a cousin to President James Buchanan. The first President of Liberia, Joseph Jenkins Roberts, a successful businessman, was from Norfolk, Virginia. Roberts, a free man with white father and an African American mother migrated from Norfolk, Virginia, to Liberia.

The first immigrants who settled in Liberia 1822 were mostly from New York, and their first settlement was called Christopolis, which was later changed to Monrovia. The second immigrants to settle on the seacoast of Liberia were mainly from Pennsylvania, and their first settlement was called Buchanan, including Lower Buchanan and Upper Buchanan, named after Governor Thomas Buchanan. The third immigrants to settle along the coast were mainly from Mississippi, but some were from Louisiana and Kentucky. Their area was called "Mississippi in Africa," which had three settlements: Greenville, Lexington, and Louisiana. But "Mississippi in Africa" was later changed to Sinoe. The fourth immigrants to settle on the coast east of "Mississippi in Africa" were from the state of Maryland, and that region is called Maryland to this day.

Liberia is a replica of America. The Independence Day of Liberia is in July and the Flag Day is in August. If one removes 49 of the stars from the US Flag and the flag is set side by side with the Liberian Flag, it would be impossible for anyone to tell the difference between the two because there would be no difference. The Liberian Constitution is like the US Constitution with the form of government like that of the United States. 

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